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Obesity surgical treatment- tips

Click Here! Obesity has become a common problem nowadays. A person with obesity becomes a joke between people nowadays, so to deal with this problem, I will tell you some easy prescriptions.                                  Boil one cup of water and cool it. If the water remains lukewarm, then add 15 grams of honey and drink it like syrup and remove obesity.                                           Regardless of the fat in the body, it decreases and the body becomes curvy. Gastrointers continue to become stomach due to all diseases of the stomach. Take it for 3 months in the empty stomach. Along with this, help reduce the burden of obesity and help in doing yoga and exercising regularly. Eat only light once a day, eat green vegetables in particular.                                  Do not drink water for half an hour after meals; Tea Coffee and fat extract and sweet foods should not be consumed. Where honey reduces obesity with lemonade.              Eat two glasses of