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treatment of diabetes- tips healthy

  Diabetes is a dangerous disease, or we can call it a sweet poison because it is caused by high sugar levels.                                          Hello friends It is common for you to have diabetes (diabetes) with keeping in mind the diet of today's life.                      Friends, new or old patients of diabetes should not eat sweet sugar substances. This disease must be accompanied by gradual walking and morning walks. 1. Take a little quantity of 6 grams of fenugreek seeds and soak them in water. In the morning, drink it a lot and drink without it. By taking up to 2 months, the disease of diabetes (diabetes) is removed.   2. Four green and soft leaves of Jamun finely grate them in 60 grams of water, filter and drink for 10 days in the morning. Then take it for 10 days every 2 months. It is the best medicine to remove diabetes. 3. Put 60 grams of well-cooked jamuno in 300 grams boiling water and cover it. Scrub half an hour later. By 3 times drinking it 1-1