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Hemorrhoids Symptoms and Treatment- tips healthy

Hello friends! Today I will give you information about hemorrhoids . Hemorrhoids are of two types - inside and outside. In the inside piles, the wart contains the inside. The rounded spices are also equal to the grain of gram-lentils. Because of the constipation, when the inner wart comes out on thrombing while inhaling, then the patient gets  agitated with pain and then wounds the wart if he wounds. In outer hemorrhoids, wart occurs in an anuspicious place, there is no such pain in it, it is sometimes cuddle-itchy. If constipation occurs, it starts bleeding so much that the patient gets nervous after seeing blood and the face becomes yellow. Sign of hemorrhoids -                            Piles of the hemorrhoids are damaged. Do not feel hungry, constipation starts to fall. Sometimes the gas starts to grow in the stomach. Heart, liver become weak. Usually the body becomes weak. Patients also have a slight swelling in the mouth. Hemorrhoids treatment -

7 easy home remedies for treating constipation- tips healthy

Constipation is such a disease that, due to non-recovery on time, there is a risk of piles and other problems related to stomach. There are also ulcers in the mouth. So today I will tell you some easy tips for treating constipation-  1. Egrol 2 teaspoons, add half a cup of fresh water and drink for 5 days. Old constipation will cure.  2. Due to excessive constipation, if the fever is to be scratched, add 10 grams of Ardadi oil to 250 grams of hot milk. 3. Take 6 grams Triphala Churan by taking 200 grams of hot milk and taking constipation relief from constipation.  4. 10 grams of Isabgol that husk 125 grams dissolve in the yogurt and feeding in the morning and evening, constipation is cured.  5. Pili kabali soak the herar in the night and rub the herb in the water a little bit and mix a little salt and give it to the child. Whatever constipation it is, the old will be removed.  6. If there is constipation worsened, drinking the juice of two oranges in the stomach for 10