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Benefits of eating almonds

Friends, today I will tell you about the benefits of eating almonds- 1. Use the gram of almonds 50 gram chandis 10, cinnamon 10 grams, cloves 3 grams, pistachio 200 grams, casserole 3 grams fine gram and mix 250 grams of honey with one pita milk in 2 gram days . This dose for the older man. Give the child half dose. 2. For sight, eat 150 grams of almonds, 150 grams of mishri, 150 grams of fennel and grind them all together and drink 10 grams of night and 250 grams of milk for 40 days. The sight will sharpen. The brain is a good way to increase weakness and memory. 3. For the brain, take 10 grams of almonds soak it in water and take out the peel in the morning, grind it finely and eat 20 grams of butter, 10 grams of sugar candy and eat one month. Very good for the weakness of the brain.  4. Eating almonds provides relief from headache.  5. Increasing weight by eating almonds. Applying almond oil on the face shines on the face and the wings of the face are e

Pathology symptoms and treatment (kidney stone)

Hi companions, today I will give you data about math.  The patient endures a considerable measure of agony in the stone, this infection is generally in the kidney. In this infection, pee in the pee, seeping in pee, trouble in urinating, kidney torment, and so forth is the side effects of this malady.  Treatment  1. Warmth 20 gm house in over two grams of water. At the point when the fourth water stays, at that point drop off and channel it and offer it to the murmuring patient. Give darsham twice. The stones will escape the pee through the gallbladder. Give 20 days  2. Without taking a glass of lemon squeeze each day, it clears the stones in 1 month.  3. Jamun nourishment is additionally valuable in stone ailment.  4. One gram turmeric and 2 grams of jaggery with carrot of carrots The stones vanish from eating.  5. Crush the base of 6 gram papaya and add it to 50 grams of water and savor it stone and drink it for 21 days. 6. Two squash leaves of neem for